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We recycle residues to create
the best biochar in the world

Project benefits


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Biochar project in the world


About Us

We are Exomad Green, the future of sustainable Biochar production. Based in the heart of South America, we are on our path to become the Largest Sustainable biochar producer in the world.


Our mission is to recycle biomass residues, a byproduct currently disposed of through incineration, into a valuable resource: Biochar. Not only does this process address waste management issues, but it also contributes to improved soil fertility, agricultural productivity, and climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration.


In our quest to become the world's leading sustainable Biochar producer, we've launched the first of our three planned facilities in Concepción, Bolivia, with the remaining two set to begin operations by December 2023 and March 2024.


Together, these facilities will leverage the power of Biochar to sequester over 225,000 tons of CO2 annually. But our vision goes beyond environmental impact. Exomad Green is about creating a better, more sustainable world for everyone.


We're striving to improve the quality of life for over 250,000 regional inhabitants, generate green jobs, foster local economic growth, and champion environmental justice across the region. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, turning waste into wealth and cultivating a more sustainable future. 


About Exomad

Exomad Green is a specialized division of Exomad. At Exomad, we are dedicated to the production of high-quality wood products that, over the last decade, have established us as the largest wood exporter in Bolivia. Thanks to this trajectory, we are proud to have certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Green Seal from the Authority of Forests and Land of Bolivia, reflecting our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

In an effort to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, we began considering different ways to manage the large amounts of waste generated by our suppliers.

This is where we discovered the immense potential of Biochar. So after a year of planning, in March of 2023, Exomad Green's operations began. Today, Exomad Green has an operational plant in Concepción, one under construction in Riberalta, and another in the planning stage.

More about Exomad

Our Product 

Tecnochar is our biochar brand. Biochar is a carbon-rich, highly porous material derived from the thermal decomposition of organic matter, in a low-oxygen environment through a process called pyrolysis. This process creates a stable, solid form of carbon that can be used as a soil amendment, which has the potential to sequester carbon for hundreds to thousands of years.


Although Biochar can be produced from a diverse range of biomass sources, at Exomad Green, we mainly utilize hardwood forestry residues for our Biochar production. This raw material results in a superior quality Biochar, boasting impressive characteristics and exceptional performance.


By harnessing the potential of hardwood residues, we are not only creating an eco-friendly solution to waste accumulation, but also generating a product that meets the highest standards for both efficacy and sustainability.


H:C Molarity Ratio



Carbon Content


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Our process


Benefits of our Biochar

High Carbon Content

laboratory tests have shown that our Biochar possesses a remarkable carbon content of 88%. Coupled with a hydrogen to carbon ratio of 0.23, these metrics firmly place our Biochar among the best in the world. This high carbon content allows our Biochar to effectively sequester carbon from the atmosphere, making a substantial contribution to climate change mitigation efforts. Furthermore, when introduced to the soil, our Biochar enhances nutrient retention and moisture capacity, boosts the growth of beneficial soil microbes, and increases soil organic matter content, leading to improved soil fertility and health. Through these exceptional properties, Exomad Green's Biochar serves as a powerful tool in promoting sustainable agriculture and combating climate change.

Sustainability of our Raw Material

Social & Enviromental Impact


Social impact

At Exomad Green, our impact extends beyond the environmental sphere; we are deeply committed to fostering positive social change within the communities we operate. We work closely with local communities, providing them with green job opportunities, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for environmental justice.


Our Biochar project, harnessing the potential of hardwood residues, is not only an eco-friendly solution to waste management but also a catalyst for local economic growth. Upon completion, we aim to enhance the quality of life for over 250,000 regional inhabitants. We believe that a truly sustainable future can only be achieved when both the planet and its people thrive in harmony, and we're committed to making this vision a reality.

Environmental impact

At Exomad Green, our commitment to the environment is at the forefront of our operations. We provide a tangible solution to the issue of biomass waste accumulation and incineration, which are significant contributors to air pollution. By transforming forestry residues into Biochar, we are able to capture and sequester carbon, thereby helping to combat climate change.


But our environmental stewardship doesn't stop there. We have integrated sustainability into every aspect of our operations. We responsibly manage our water resources by implementing a closed-loop system that cleans and reuses water within our facilities. Additionally, we maximize the utility of thermal energy generated during the Biochar production process and have plans to generate our own electricity, further reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. We at Exomad Green are proud to operate at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient planet.

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