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Social & Enviromental Impact

Social Impact

Our commitment

Exomad Green is not just revolutionizing the green technology sector; we're also creating a positive and lasting impact within our community. We are proud to provide 50 direct and approximately 200 indirect dignified jobs, each playing a crucial role in the green revolution. Our employees are not just part of a workforce; they are part of a mission, a global change towards sustainable practices.

In addition to creating these important job opportunities, we also strictly adhere to all local and national regulations regarding worker's rights and benefits. This means we provide all the necessary insurance and social benefits for our employees, ensuring they are not only part of a transformative movement but also well-protected and cared for.

Beyond the employment opportunities, we're also bringing environmental justice to the community. Our operations aren't simply focused on producing biochar; they're centered on promoting sustainable practices, reducing emissions, and enhancing the health of our environment.


Relationship with the Local Communities

Exomad Green is committed to fostering positive relationships with local communities and ensuring that our operations bring tangible benefits to the people in the regions where we operate. As part of this commitment, we have implemented social safeguards in our biochar project in the region around Concepción city.

We have undertaken extensive communication efforts to engage with the local indigenous population, ensuring they are fully informed about the benefits of the biochar project. These efforts include community meetings, informational materials in local languages, and open dialogues to address any concerns or questions.

We believe that our biochar project can bring significant environmental and economic benefits to the region, including improved soil health, increased agricultural productivity, job creation, and carbon sequestration. By communicating these benefits clearly and transparently, we aim to ensure that the local indigenous population can fully participate in and benefit from our project.

Enviromental Impact

Impact on Air Quality

At Exomad Green, we are not only creating sustainable solutions but also improving the quality of life for our community. By utilizing hardwood residues that previously would have been burned due to lack of space at sawmills, we are significantly reducing air pollution. The process of burning wood residue releases harmful pollutants into the air, but our innovative use of this byproduct in the creation of biochar helps to prevent this issue.

Our work improves the air quality for approximately 250,000 individuals, enhancing their overall health and wellbeing. Every day, our operations prevent considerable amounts of pollutants from entering our atmosphere, which in turn lessens the potential for respiratory and cardiovascular issues within the community.

In addition to the health benefits, our use of wood residue also reduces fire risks at sawmills and within the town itself. By repurposing these wood residues, we minimize the accumulation of combustible materials, making our operations safer and our community more secure


Impact of Our Operations

At Exomad Green, our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is deeply embedded in our operations. We don't just adhere to local and national regulations - we strive to exceed them, going above and beyond to ensure that our impact is positive and far-reaching.

Key to our operations is a comprehensive circular system, which involves the repurposing of waste products. We harness the syngas and bio-oil, both byproducts of the biochar production process, thereby reducing waste and furthering our commitment to a circular economy. 

We're continuously innovating, seeking to implement the latest green technologies that allow us to operate more efficiently and sustainably. At Exomad Green, we believe in setting the bar high when it comes to environmental responsibility, and our actions reflect this commitment.

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